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test drive 2.0

Hi all, the other TDM was getting a bit unwieldy, so here's an overflow post! Feel free to repost starters from the old post and carry threads over, as well as make new ones. Threads here can still be considered game canon, so be sure to make decisions you don't mind carrying over later.

Otherwise, have fun, and thanks for coming! Reserves will open on November 25th, 12:01AM, so be sure to throw in a reserve if you'd like. Apps will open on December 1st, 12:01AM, and our current character cap is 90.


The town of Chantes has been dark since ALASTAIR first arrived here with your fellow travelers in tow. The sun stopped rising, night is forever here -- at least until our brave recruits get to the bottom of the mysteries of this town. But one thing at a time, right? For now: the darkness.

Prominent town inventor Edwin Brunswick has discovered a fantastic new source of light! He’s created a lantern that will give off a magically induced bright blue light for days, no more eating through lantern supplies faster than you budgeted for! He just needs an ingredient found only in the dark, eerie forest outside the town limits. It’s a good thing you got signed up to go and find it, huh? Maybe ALASTAIR wants to break in the new recruits, or maybe you’re just lucky. But either way, better get going. Those lanterns won’t light themselves!

New Recruits: for the purposes of the TDM, new characters can assume they’re with a fresh group of ‘recruits’ on a practice mission for ALASTAIR. They’ll be given a (brief) rundown on the overall situation. Additionally, the standard locations around town are also open for your perusal.

Characters In-Game: this mission is ICly optional, but characters will be alerted to the new recruits’ arrival through their network devices. It’s in your best interest that they all make it through this!


So what is this mystery ingredient, anyway? Why, fairy dust, of course!

No, just kidding, that would be trite. It’s fairy slime.

Out in the depths of the forest are nests of fairies. They’re tiny, insectoid creatures with two tiny humanoid legs and four tiny humanoid arms that want to poke, prod, and pinch anything that comes within range. And they’re quick, too! Those pretty gossamer wings aren’t just for show, they can fly about as fast as you can run. And as any child native to the town can tell you, they’re highly territorial.

Anyone who ventures into the forest is given a jar to collect the blue-shining magical goo, and cheerfully wished good luck. But it can’t be that bad, right?


You’ve braved the fairies and delivered the fairy slime, and the spell is a success! Lanterns all over the city are brightly shining through the darkness. Edwin is very proud of himself. It’s been declared an impromptu holiday, and humans and goblins alike are out to have a good time after the day’s work is done in honor of the darkness being just a little less dark now.

But nothing ever goes just the way it was planned, does it? As it turns out, fairy slime is a little more volatile than Edwin counted on, and the blue lanterns are starting to have an odd effect in some places...


You’ve probably been in deep, dark forests before. But somehow, knowing that here the sun never rises makes it just a little deeper and darker than anticipated. Moonlight doesn’t even make it through the thick branches overhead, and if you haven’t brought a lightsource with you, chances are high you’ll be very swiftly and very hopelessly lost.

Is that quiet snap in the bushes another ALASTAIR recruit? A fairy, maybe? Or something more dangerous? It’s hard to say.

The villagers were right: the fairies are territorial. Very territorial. You might not even realize you’re close to a nest before the fairies start to notice you there. It might start with a sharp pinch at your side, but if that doesn’t deter you, the fairies will start to mean business.

They might be small, only four inches tall at most, but there are a lot of them! A typical nest houses about 500 fairies, and none of them are happy to have house guests. Each one glows a very faint blue, though, so if you pay attention and move fast, you might be able to keep track of them. But they don’t seem bothered by the darkness, and they can easily track you right back! You can expect anything from pinching, to hair-pulling, to sharp pokes in the eyes -- and the more enterprising fairies might even try making off with any smaller belongings they can reach. Or bigger belongings. How many fairies do you think it will take to cart off the friendly animal sidekick you showed up with? They certainly seem willing to find out!

The newly structured lanterns do exactly as advertised, casting ghostly blue light from every streetpost in the city. But they aren’t just for show -- it turns out fairly goop is magically reactive in the strangest ways. Maybe the effects are purely physical, leaving you oddly lightheaded before you float a couple feet in the air. Maybe it makes your hair glow the same, unnatural blue.

But the fae are known for all manner of moodiness and trickery; the lights may play tricks on the mind and vision, affecting temperaments and causing illusions. Your own magic may feel like it’s on the fritz -- better start moving, or get it under control before the townsfolk notice.

Throughout the whole of this mini-mission, old and new characters alike will have access to the network to communicate and collaborate. Fairies got you stranded up in a tree? Need some help in the city square? ALASTAIR provides a magical piece of jewelry that should help.

Remember, you get one username to identify you and one only — if you don't enter one, it will default to your real name (for example, Voldemort's would be tomriddle.) Choose wisely... or make it assfarts69, if that's your thing. More information on the network is here!

Feel free to take any of these prompts and run wild with them, or come up with your own adventures around Chantes and the surrounding forests! There’s plenty of room to explore, get horribly lost in the tangled woods, and get to know your fellow recruits in the downtime.

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[personal profile] felixculpa 2015-11-23 11:02 pm (UTC)(link)
I had wondered where that had gotten off to. It's nothing that extravagant, but I suppose since you went through the trouble of washing it, I'll come collect it.

[ There's no thank you, though... He's rude, I'm sorry Olivia!! ]

You needn't drop it off. I can come pick it up now if that's acceptable.
winces: (( five ))

[personal profile] winces 2015-11-23 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)
[ it's okay, she travels with soldiers these days. she knows all about Rude. ]

Oh — that's completely fine!
Are you sure you don't want me to drop it off, though? I wouldn't want it to be too much trouble for you...
Or maybe I can meet you somewhere half-way!
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[personal profile] felixculpa 2015-11-23 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Half-way works well enough. It's hardly any trouble when I'm looking for something to do regardless.

[ He can plot to give this realm the middle finger and dramatically flounce away, sure, but not every moment of the day. Unfortunately. ]
winces: (( twelve ))

[personal profile] winces 2015-11-23 11:20 pm (UTC)(link)
[ ah, well olivia can understand that well enough.

...well not exactly that, but idleness gets to her too! ]

I guess it can get a little boring every once in a while, huh...?
Maybe you'll be able to find something more to do once you're out!
Where would you like to meet?
felixculpa: (blank looks and notebooks)

[personal profile] felixculpa 2015-11-24 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
Quite. Any distraction is welcome, since it beats being idle. There are enough idioms about how that turns out, so I don't think I need to tempt irony to ad to it.

[ ha ha bad satan jokes ]

The Den, if that's acceptable? I can at least buy you a drink for the trouble, if you'd enjoy one.
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[personal profile] winces 2015-11-25 07:55 pm (UTC)(link)
[ she doesn't really get what he means by those idioms — does fea world even have the same ones??! — but she rolls with it all the same. ]

The Den is perfect!
Oh, but — please don't feel the need to do that! It's really no trouble at all. I'm just glad I was able to find the owner.
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[personal profile] felixculpa 2015-11-26 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
It's not feeling a need. It's only fair, since you've gone through the effort of taking care of it. But I won't insist.

I'll be wearing a suit. I think that should be distinct enough.
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[personal profile] winces 2015-11-26 12:46 am (UTC)(link)
[ no one probably needs to see a tipsy olivia anyway... ]

Alright! I'll see you there soon.

[ she doesn't bother to say what she's wearing, since she'll obviously be the one carrying his scarf...

though sadly she probably won't recognize him when she sees him since, to her, a "suit" automatically translates into a "suit of armor"................. ]
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[personal profile] felixculpa 2015-11-26 02:36 am (UTC)(link)
[ ah... whoops... ]

[ As promised, Lucifer is indeed sitting at his own table in the Den, with some kind of cigarette or other thing to smoke and a glass of fine liquor. He's nursing both very slowly, since he tends to draw such pleasures out, but he'll still wait patiently.

Very patiently, as it turns out. Hopefully Olivia will be brave enough to ask around, or just figure it out... ]
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[personal profile] winces 2015-11-26 03:22 am (UTC)(link)
[ olivia actually arrives in no time at all! but, of course, due to their misunderstanding, she doesn't notice him at all. he might see her, though, sticking out like a sore thumb with her pink hair, her jittery gestures, the dark cloak that looks a little out of place in the otherwise cozy-looking den.

and, of course, the neatly folded scarf she's clutching between her hands.

she'd been standing by a table near the doorway for the first few minutes, but after realizing she isn't finding who she's looking for, she starts to flutter about from table to table, quietly asking them if they happened to have "seen someone in a suit"...

eventually she finds her way over to lucifer's table. ]

Um. Excuse me... Did you happen to see anyone in a suit of armor pass by here...?
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[personal profile] felixculpa 2015-11-26 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Lucifer actually doesn't notice when she enters, since even though he's waiting for someone, he's also just rather full of himself. It's by the time she starts asking around near him that he turns his attention away from the slow drag of the cigarette. She hasn't quite made her way to his table yet, but he laughs softly to himself, and then puts out the cigarette. Because she doesn't come immediately to him, he realizes that they must have very different definitions of "suit."

That's confirmed when she comes to his table and asks more specifically. That would do it. It must mean he's quite used to the current trends that mortals take to, since that possibility hadn't even occurred to him despite being a trend only a few centuries old at the most. He shakes his head, but it's with a rather good-natured smile, since he finds the point of confusion humorous. ]

No, but that was my mistake. I'll consider this the official confirmation that I'm too used to black tie.

[ He motions to the scarf in her hands. ]

I believe you have my scarf.
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[personal profile] winces 2015-11-28 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
[ he'll be able to see it, how quickly her expression changes from inquisitive to pure horror. ]

Oh my gosh! [ she jerks back slightly, one hand flying up to cover her mouth as her cheeks turn bright red from her embarrassment. quickly, her eyes scan over him, taking in his... suit. it's quite dashing, but she has to wonder how it would offer him any sort of protection at all...

though perhaps it's her mistake for thinking him a soldier. ]

I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize... [ she holds out the scarf towards him, neatly folded if a little wrinkled in the part where she'd gripped it a little too tightly. ] It's a very lovely scarf.
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[personal profile] felixculpa 2015-11-28 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
[ Her reaction gets him to raise an eyebrow slightly, but it's in amusement over anything else. That's just genuinely getting flustered, isn't it? What a rare thing that was. Compared to horror on the level of exsistential crises, this is almost a refreshing reaction, really. Lucifer reaches out to take the scarf, and first, he does offer: ]

Thank you.

[ She wouldn't know, but they're words rarely given from him, and only in complete sincerity. The scarf itself really isn't anything special: the most notable thing about it is its brilliant red color, but that's just his personal taste. He'll thank people for assisting him, even if it's in small gestures like this, though never otherwise. It's much more sincere than most people know.

He motions to the chair opposite him, which he had already pulled out prior to her arrival for her to take a seat. ]

And for it, whatever you would like.
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[personal profile] winces 2015-11-28 04:50 pm (UTC)(link)
[ she has no idea, for sure, but it doesn't make his gratitude any less meaningful. she smiles in welcome all the same, perhaps even a touch bashfully, and reassures him in so few words that it had really not been any trouble at all. ]

I'm just glad I was able to return it to you, [ she continues to insist, as genuine as his own words had been, if not nearly as rare.

she does take a moment to consider the chair, though, and despite her instinctive urge to back away and let the interaction end... she recalls maribelle's words in the back of her mind, and her own promise to get better at this sort of thing. ]

I-I wouldn't feel right asking you to spend your hard-earned money on me, [ she says, knowing too well the value of saving. she does take the seat, however, and though she sits rather rigidly, and right along the edge of it, she's turned towards him with her hands curled at her knees, attention rapt. ]

I, um. I wouldn't mind getting to know more about you, though...? [ hastily, she adds: ] It's just that we all come from such different places and I, I guess I'm just curious. If you don't mind...