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test drive 2.0

Hi all, it's time for TDM the second! Like before, threads here can be considered game canon, so be sure to make decisions you don't mind carrying over later.

Otherwise, have fun, and thanks for coming! Reserves will open on November 25th, 12:01AM, so be sure to throw in a reserve if you'd like. Apps will open on December 1st, 12:01AM, and our current character cap is 90.


The town of Chantes has been dark since ALASTAIR first arrived here with your fellow travelers in tow. The sun stopped rising, night is forever here -- at least until our brave recruits get to the bottom of the mysteries of this town. But one thing at a time, right? For now: the darkness.

Prominent town inventor Edwin Brunswick has discovered a fantastic new source of light! He’s created a lantern that will give off a magically induced bright blue light for days, no more eating through lantern supplies faster than you budgeted for! He just needs an ingredient found only in the dark, eerie forest outside the town limits. It’s a good thing you got signed up to go and find it, huh? Maybe ALASTAIR wants to break in the new recruits, or maybe you’re just lucky. But either way, better get going. Those lanterns won’t light themselves!

New Recruits: for the purposes of the TDM, new characters can assume they’re with a fresh group of ‘recruits’ on a practice mission for ALASTAIR. They’ll be given a (brief) rundown on the overall situation. Additionally, the standard locations around town are also open for your perusal.

Characters In-Game: this mission is ICly optional, but characters will be alerted to the new recruits’ arrival through their network devices. It’s in your best interest that they all make it through this!


So what is this mystery ingredient, anyway? Why, fairy dust, of course!

No, just kidding, that would be trite. It’s fairy slime.

Out in the depths of the forest are nests of fairies. They’re tiny, insectoid creatures with two tiny humanoid legs and four tiny humanoid arms that want to poke, prod, and pinch anything that comes within range. And they’re quick, too! Those pretty gossamer wings aren’t just for show, they can fly about as fast as you can run. And as any child native to the town can tell you, they’re highly territorial.

Anyone who ventures into the forest is given a jar to collect the blue-shining magical goo, and cheerfully wished good luck. But it can’t be that bad, right?


You’ve braved the fairies and delivered the fairy slime, and the spell is a success! Lanterns all over the city are brightly shining through the darkness. Edwin is very proud of himself. It’s been declared an impromptu holiday, and humans and goblins alike are out to have a good time after the day’s work is done in honor of the darkness being just a little less dark now.

But nothing ever goes just the way it was planned, does it? As it turns out, fairy slime is a little more volatile than Edwin counted on, and the blue lanterns are starting to have an odd effect in some places...


You’ve probably been in deep, dark forests before. But somehow, knowing that here the sun never rises makes it just a little deeper and darker than anticipated. Moonlight doesn’t even make it through the thick branches overhead, and if you haven’t brought a lightsource with you, chances are high you’ll be very swiftly and very hopelessly lost.

Is that quiet snap in the bushes another ALASTAIR recruit? A fairy, maybe? Or something more dangerous? It’s hard to say.

The villagers were right: the fairies are territorial. Very territorial. You might not even realize you’re close to a nest before the fairies start to notice you there. It might start with a sharp pinch at your side, but if that doesn’t deter you, the fairies will start to mean business.

They might be small, only four inches tall at most, but there are a lot of them! A typical nest houses about 500 fairies, and none of them are happy to have house guests. Each one glows a very faint blue, though, so if you pay attention and move fast, you might be able to keep track of them. But they don’t seem bothered by the darkness, and they can easily track you right back! You can expect anything from pinching, to hair-pulling, to sharp pokes in the eyes -- and the more enterprising fairies might even try making off with any smaller belongings they can reach. Or bigger belongings. How many fairies do you think it will take to cart off the friendly animal sidekick you showed up with? They certainly seem willing to find out!

The newly structured lanterns do exactly as advertised, casting ghostly blue light from every streetpost in the city. But they aren’t just for show -- it turns out fairly goop is magically reactive in the strangest ways. Maybe the effects are purely physical, leaving you oddly lightheaded before you float a couple feet in the air. Maybe it makes your hair glow the same, unnatural blue.

But the fae are known for all manner of moodiness and trickery; the lights may play tricks on the mind and vision, affecting temperaments and causing illusions. Your own magic may feel like it’s on the fritz -- better start moving, or get it under control before the townsfolk notice.

Throughout the whole of this mini-mission, old and new characters alike will have access to the network to communicate and collaborate. Fairies got you stranded up in a tree? Need some help in the city square? ALASTAIR provides a magical piece of jewelry that should help.

Remember, you get one username to identify you and one only — if you don't enter one, it will default to your real name (for example, Voldemort's would be tomriddle.) Choose wisely... or make it assfarts69, if that's your thing. More information on the network is here!

Feel free to take any of these prompts and run wild with them, or come up with your own adventures around Chantes and the surrounding forests! There’s plenty of room to explore, get horribly lost in the tangled woods, and get to know your fellow recruits in the downtime.

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[ The light of course catches Lucifer's eyes, and yet as the man approaches, Lucifer doesn't quite seem to make any effort to approach him. He seems perfectly casual and at ease in the darkness, and certainly doesn't seem to be inclined too go out of his way to approach that source of light. Generally speaking, approaching the light in the darkness is a bad thing. The idea of the light at the end of the tunnel was hardly without merit, and in other supernatural trials, the beacon of light in the darkness was usually a trap or a trial. Frankly, he didn't quite have the patience for that.

But as it comes closer, and it's clearly a man, Lucifer just laughs at his concern. It's light, but amused. ]

The eyes are a nice touch. Very dramatic.

[ He tucks his hands into the pockets of his slacks, and he gives Keats a quiet look over. It might feel like he's looking through him, almost, but whatever he's trying to see, he doesn't elaborate on. His face settles into a smile smoothly. ]

I'll take a guess to say that you're trying to leave the forest as well.

[ Though it doesn't sound like a question... He seems sure of it. ]
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[He reaches a hand up to scratch the back of his neck, giving a shrug.]

Thanks. Have to work with what you have, you know.

[Keats says, casually, though deep inside he's still kind of skeptically denying that a) he's using magic, b) he's in a forest in another world where fairies exist and c) that any of what is happening at this current moment isn't just some radical fever dream after staying up typing up articles for his magazine. He'll play along, as he always does.]

Ah, me? [Another shrug. His tone is laced with sarcasm.] Nah. I just like taking walks through mysterious forests teeming with secrets. It's kind of a hobby of mine, I have to admit.
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[ Ah, sarcasm. It's truly the language that transcends time and space, but it at least keeps Lucifer's temperament humored. He always tends to enjoy these little quips a bit more than people that take everything far too seriously. Perhaps the latter case reminds him of his "family" a bit too much. ]

Quite well, in fact. I wouldn't call walking through mysterious forests a hobby, but it happens on occasion.

[ Nothing like spiritual trials from ancient gods to start off negotiations, after all. Deities tended to have a flair for the dramatic too, but he often found their melodrama more irritating than anything. ]

If you're a hobbyist for these sorts of hikes, then have you found any of those secrets? Or just uninteresting darkness all around. I've been finding much more of that.
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Well, I just started. Secrets are tricky little things. You have do a good amount of wandering and tripping over random roots and such before appreciating whatever hidden thing the forest decides to throw at you.

[Keats, that is a whole load of BS and you absolutely know it.]

But in the end, it may be worth it. Or it could be an absolute waste of time. You just have to be patient about these things. I mean, I'm a journalist, if I got frustrated with "uninteresting darkness" every time I encountered it, I'd be out of a job.
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[ He breathes out a laugh that's short and soft, since it doesn't sound like bullshit to Lucifer, but... He tends to take such things at their metaphorical value naturally. Metaphor can be just as powerful as something literal for the supernatural, after all. Especially for fae, which considering their particular habits, that's his personal guess at the source of such an endlessly dark forest. It was their perfect idea of a bad joke. ]

There's a larger metaphor in that. Which may very well be the point.

[ Lucifer shrugs, since if it is a metaphor, so be it. He also knows if that's the case, it's better to let someone else lead the way. For some reason, people got upset when he threw in his help. Probably because he's ruthless, but really, he has to wonder what people expect at this point. ]

You at least light up the way better so the roots are quite a bit more visible. So let's continue. Keeping with the metaphor, standing around is probably frowned upon.
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Is there? [His smile quirks up to one side as he thinks it over. Ah, metaphors. He's never been one to indulge in them. He loves to play with words, yes, but when it gets down to it, he appreciates nice, straightforward things. It is or it isn't, it's hot or it's cold, it's real or it isn't real. That's how he wants to think, anyways, but life keeps tossing him things which are abstract and ill-defined. His blunt logic can't always break them down.] Ha, perhaps there is. I'll keep that in mind.

[He says, nodding before starting to move further into the forest, but he'll be slow enough to wait for Lucifer to follow.]

Guess I can add "walking light source" to the resume now, good to know. [He chuckles.] But I think we'll find something eventually, secrets or not. Just keep your eyes peeled, would you?
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[ Lucifer follows, but there's nothing even as considerate as a "thank you" or even a nod of acknowledgement given. Unlike a certain other resident of hell who will not be named, manners aren't something that Lucifer places a big priority on. Whether it's pride or simply indifference, it's rare to get any sort of concession like that from him. ]

Naturally. If this is a larger metaphor, then I'm sure there will be new annoyances to come along with it.

[ He might be joking, or he might be being literal. It's a bit hard to tell when you're talking about metaphors, though Lucifer is also thinking of this is a different kind of context. ]

"Walking light source" isn't the worst thing to have on one's resume, at least. Any kind of magic tends to be valuable to an employer. [ A beat, then, ] Well, to the right one.
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[Honestly, Keats is grateful for the lack of thanks. It's not that he doesn't like gratitude. It's that he never knows how to deal with it. Every time he receives a sincere acknowledgment of what he's done, he's waved it off or changed the subject, like it doesn't feel right that he, of all people, should accept it. So, he's more than happy to provide a bit of light for this fellow, even if the man won't say anything to thank him for his services.]

Certainly. There are always going to be obstacles when you least expect it.

[He shrugs, but the smirk on his face fades somewhat. There's that knee-jerk reaction of wanting to deny he has magic in the first place. He doesn't like thinking about it. Sure, he'll joke about it and acknowledge it, but getting him to admit he genuinely has magical powers? That's an impossible thing to do, for Keats.]

[He glances off to the side, peering into the woods as if he's trying to spot something. He can't see a thing besides more trees.]

Ah, too bad for me, then. I don't think my boss would care all that much. He'd rather I turn in my articles on time than learning that I accompany strangers in the woods.
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[ That first part gets him to bow his head lightly with a laugh, since that is, of course, the most accurate part about this "metaphor." The obstacles are certainly the least expected and most irritating part of such trials. Symbolic as that may be, he still finds it ridiculous. The devil is a straightforward person, as it turns out, since all the nonsense about going through strife to discover your true self had never much appealed to him. Frankly, he tended to find that nuance to be the sign of a being with their head up their own ass, but he also tends to take a different viewpoint than most.

That aside, though.

Lucifer notices how that smile slips, since such details never escape his attention. He can't guess at what might cause it, for it may be a great many things, but luckily? He doesn't really care. It's just a detail that's noted. ]

Fair enough. It might not end up being a bad subject for an article depending on where you publish. Getting caught in a fae's idea of wandering within a forest dark is certainly fantastical enough to at least catch some readers' interest. A shame it would just be considered a story.
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[He tsks, as if Lucifer just said something naughty.]

Don't tell that to the readers of the magazine I work for, I'm sure they would throw a fit. They want to believe that things like faeries and mystical worlds exist. Calling it anything other than real would be quite the insult, in their opinion. Though, I suppose there are some who just read the articles for the entertainment value of it...

[He shakes his head. Honestly, he could care less who read the magazine, just as long as, well, people read it.]

Basically, a story about this would be bread and butter to my readers. This is the stuff they want, and I'm happy to provide.

[Even if he doesn't believe in it himself.]
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[ Lucifer raises an eyebrow quizzically at that response, since it's not what he expected. That's impressive, in a way, since surprising Lucifer almost takes talent. Though to meet a glowing man who denies faeries and mystical worlds is rather unique. It's a more entertaining kind of delusion, isn't it? ]

I'd say that's an interesting point of view, considering the situation.

[ Considering who Keats is walking next to, but he won't hold that part against him. That's something truly unbelievable, so he takes no offense to the idea that people might deny the truth of walking casually with the devil. ]

It sounds to me that you're a staunch rationalist.
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Oh, what gave it away?

[The grin's back. There's a certain kind of nonchalance Keats gladly indulges in about the whole situation. He doesn't even begin to try to convince himself of the truth - why should he? What does he get out of believing in fairy tales? Of course, he denies not only because he can, but because the truth that he doesn't acknowledge is one he desperately wants to avoid.]

[So he'll punch monsters and insult magical leaders and share quips with the devil. It allows himself to imagine he has control over his own world and his own fate.]

I mean, you're not the first to say that. People tend to be surprised that an occult writer thinks science and logic are the tools to use when analyzing a situation. [He gives a shrug.] There's a certain kind of irony in it...but, well, that's never stopped me from trying to explain things rationally.
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[ At least wanting to control your own fate is something Lucifer would understand quite well... He feels you, bro ]

Science and logic are likely man's greatest creation, true. [ Though he adds with a smooth amusement: ] Or at least, in the top. I have a particular weakness for good liquor and music, both of which I'd say are close to the exact opposite.

[ Really, though. Liquor he could do slightly more without, but the world before music was deafeningly quiet. He had forgotten that until he had made his own Creation. Birds were amongst the first of the creatures he made, if only for a soundtrack. ]

Though the existence of those sorts of things isn't exactly illogical. Just separate. Mortal planes intersect less tangible ones rarely, since they don't always get along.
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I think you'd be hard pressed to find a man who doesn't claim alcohol is one of the greatest inventions. Ah, people do love the simple things, even though one could argue that a good glass of whiskey and the experience of hearing a good song are far more than "simple".

[Lucifer may be thinking of creating birds and such, but Keats is thinking of the pub. It may be a place for getting wasted on a relaxed night after work, but it holds a special cultural niche in Ireland, and just enjoying one's self among friends is just a regular part of life. Just get drunk with your friends and coworkers and occasionally sing along with a few tunes that everyone knows. Music and alcohol, simple things in concept, but far more complex in practice.]

[He shakes his head.]

Oh, they don't. It's almost like they're in different dimensions of understanding. I mean, for example, we can try to understand what might be going on in the fourth dimension, we could, but even if we could see it with our own eyes we just would never get it. It's a pity, really, that we're so limited...but we do the best with what we've got, you know?
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Ah, I think it would be easy enough. There are enough religions based on the ideas of denying yourself enjoyment being good for the soul. But that's theology for you. Great fun.

[ His sarcasm is very, very clear, but it would be all the more fitting if Keats knew he he was. It's not ironic at all to think that the Devil might take doctrine with sarcasm, but he's also not in any need to elaborate and identify himself. It'll come in time, or it won't. It doesn't matter to him too terribly either way.

That, and the other half of their conversation is a little more interesting anyways. Theology, doctrine, and scripture are all tired topics by now, but how humans perceive the impossible is at least more interesting to him. ]

Well, it's not an unfair analogy, but I think the "supernatural" is more understandable than theoretical physics, personally. But that is personally. [ His perspective is very different... ]