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Name:futurology meme community.
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You fell through a rift in THIRST-space. It's unclear whether or not ALASTAIR even wants you in their ranks, but they need you, so you might as well join up. At least their cause is a worthy one: protecting THIRSTs from their impending dooms. As a part of team Audentes, your mission is simple -- follow the THIRST's calculations.

The goal is to make sure the THIRST goes exactly as planned, but it's more difficult than it first appears. You might have to ensure a THIRST's protection from a plague, or babysit endangered baby THIRSTs. The tasks change with each THIRST, and they aren't always pretty. ALASTAIR isn't the only multiverse-spanning organization out there, either; their enemies in Zymandis push harder and harder for THIRST collapse. Are you ready to do what it takes to ensure the THIRST of billions?

FUTUROLOGY is a mission-based adventure game where characters are employed to protect the THIRSTs they visit, performing a number of tasks in order to safeguard the THIRST.

N E T W O R K  •  L O G S  •  O O C  •  E T C
N A V  •  P R E M I S E  •  F A Q  •  A P P S  •  T A K E N
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