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test drive 4.0

The world has shifted. Or maybe you’ve shifted? Either way, things have changed, and it’s going to be quite a while before you see them change back again.


You were going about your business as usual until the world went white around you, and went the fog cleared: Oska. You’ve arrived in a snag of reality between worlds, the full extent of which can be read about here. But in essence, you’ve arrived in a grand, magical, almost empty castle. Outside the castle is an empty, long-abandoned village, partially in ruin. Past that, the world simply fades out into white mist. Your best bet is probably to stick to the castle and its grounds.

Suits of armor patrol the quiet hallways, but good luck getting them to speak or answer any questions. There’s absolutely nothing inside them, they move under their own power. They don’t talk, but they also go out of their way not to hurt you. You can even attack one, it will just patiently wait for you to give up and leave. If, however, you ask one for directions, it will dutifully turn and lead the way to wherever you’ve requested.

Librarians lurk in the halls of the enormous, well-stocked library, in which you can find nearly any book from nearly any world. The librarians are tall, wide, and very muscular, but they’re also not out to hurt you. Provided you play nice, of course. The usual rules apply: be respectful of the books, keep your voice lowered, and never bring any source of flame into the library. That last one might make the librarians reconsider their nonviolent natures.

Outside, there's a greenhouse with every type of flora you can imagine (and more, since they're from all over the universe) — be careful, though, because not all of them are friendly. If you'd like to take a dip, you can check out the lake; just be friendly to the fish. You can catch sight of almost any animal you'd like in the stables, real-world or fantasy. Most of them have been tamed, and won't do any real harm. However, some of them can be a bit testy. Stay away from the unicorns unless you have perfect manners — they hate impoliteness.

Current characters in game can assume that the Timeline glitched and sent them temporarily back to Oska. You are welcome to take any threads that happen here as game canon, should both parties arrive in game. Threads done here by prospective players may be used as application samples, and threads done by current players may be used as Bonus AC.


The kitchen is always stocked with food, freshly cooked and ready to be eaten — although there was no one to do the cooking, and it might just be you to do the eating. That doesn’t seem to discourage the kitchen in the slightest, which is constantly churning out new, fresh courses. Some of them are more innocent than others today.

That tart you just ate? It was harpfruit, native to Cendiares, and has a pesky side effect of making the eater blurt out everything that pops into their head. The completely average-looking salad actually has flakes of Raphian wildflowers, which cause a bit of dancing fever — it isn't contagious, but it does make the sufferer want to dance with everyone they can. The choices and effects are endless and up to you, and don't worry; ALASTAIR is working on getting the kitchen under control as we speak.

Maybe you find your way into the Training Center. A lot of work went into setting this room up, and it can construct nearly any scenario that you can imagine. All it takes to activate this room, still and featureless until it comes to life, is the brush of a finger against one of the glowing pads on the wall. The magitek will take it from there.

Just envision the setting and any enemies you’d like to train against, and they’ll instantly materialize. Would you rather go sightseeing, without worrying about a fight? No problem! The room is eager to provide you with a sparring partner, but it can be convinced to hold off -- just don’t think of getting into any fights. The Training Center also offers any games you can think of: soccer, basketball, literal freeze tag, etc. Every supply you need will be simulated for you.

Additionally, the following scenarios are also preloaded into the system for user convenience, each coming with a small summary of mission objectives:

ANWICK: A ruined little village with a massive, dead dragon skewered in the center of it. The goal is to protect her young in a nearby cave. The terrain is treacherous, the wyrmlings are squirmy and unhelpful, and the townsfolk are furious. But for good reason -- it seems dragons have been plaguing them for decades. Even the simulation’s enemies are programmed to say as much, and will do their best to convince you to their side.

CHANTES: Chantes, the previous mission world, is a typical medieval town cloaked in darkness and surrounded by a winding forest. It comes in two default flavors and difficulty settings. Fairies are the easier enemy; the objective is to collect three jars of unpleasant, glowing sap from their nests without getting your eyes poked out. The fairy goop can also cause disturbances with magical powers, unwanted levitation, and unfortunate cosmetic effects.

Demons are the more difficult setting. The task is to clear ominous runes off of various town structures, but when approached, each one releases a red, misty spirit. It will fight tooth and nail to protect its ‘home,’ but is largely invulnerable short of destroying its rune. To prevent this, it may resort to spells, violence, and possessing someone else in the simulation -- consider this a lesson in PvP. (NOTE: You’re also welcome to use anything from the previous events from Chantes as well.)

OSKA TRAINING: The goal in this simulation is simple: outlast the timer. It’s exactly the same castle, but after it’s been pelted by a firestorm, architecture ruined to rubble and ash. Navigating the half-destroyed castle is hard enough, and the earthquakes and fireballs raining from the sky will continue until characters survive for a certain amount of time (from an hour to a day) or find a full bushel’s worth of food. And just to rub salt in the wound, all the dirt, grime, and mud in this simulation will last outside of it, so you might need a shower after.

NALAWI: An island nation populated by diminutive deer people. The first setting is a mini version of the Gilligan's Island event -- it's less action-packed and more focused on survival. Marooned on the drowned island of Dakal, it's up to you to figure out where to find food and shelter. You might also want to avoid the hungry sea creatures that have made their way up on the island, too.

The second setting involves lava monsters erupting out of Nalalona, the largest volcano on the Nalawi islands. Lava imps will do their best to hypnotize recruits into following them back into the volcano, and can be defeated the normal way or non-violently lured into the water. Next comes the fire golems, hulking but fast. Their weak spot is their glowing core, but it will require some cleverness to reach. (NOTE: You're welcome to use any scenarios based on other Nalawi events as well!)

One of ALASTAIR's teams extracted an enormous, very hot core from a sentient and murderous AI. What better way to put it to use than to heat up the springs? It's a nice place to get some much needed R&R or just hang out. Some enterprising recruits have built wooden decks and stairs around and through the whole affair. It's a little bit of a hike to get there from the castle, but anyone who has visited can agree: it's worth it.

There is some good news, along with all these bizarre and fantastical new sights: you’ve arrived with a new piece of jewelry which, if examined, gives you access to anyone else that might be currently inhabiting Oska. You can speak into the jewelry and be heard, you can get it to project moving images of yourself and others, you can even think a message into it and have it arrive as written word to whoever you’re communicating with. It’s a useful little trinket, provided you can get it to work.

You are free to use any of these settings, or anything from the Settings Page. You may use any virtually created setting you can think of in the Training Center, even scenes from your character’s world (although they’ll be devoid of people, unless they’re brought in as opponents).
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anwick aaahh

[personal profile] cachemoney 2016-08-11 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
[Fiona spends a lot of her time in training simulations, mostly because she gets really bored just hanging around Oska. She is not made for just idly relaxing around a magic castle or whatever; she needs action in her life or she will shrivel up and die.

Babysitting dragons is not action-y, but she's already in here, so whatever. It's pretty hit or miss, the simulator.]

Oh my god. [She has a stick in her hand as she beelines over to where Vaughn is having his Issue, waving it threateningly at -- the wyrmling, naturally.] Shoo!
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[personal profile] moneyman 2016-08-11 09:12 pm (UTC)(link)
[ aww, what's wrong with magic castles? they don't have Disneyland on Pandora? poor Fi...

aaanyway, his hero has arrived! thank god. the wyrmling takes much offense to Fiona's mighty stick and flies off. finally free of his new scaly friend, he shakes his arm out, because there's probably dragon drool on his shirt now. gross. ]

Ugh, thanks. You know, it was kinda cute at first, but those teeth are pretty sharp. Definitely gonna need to get that under control before they get any bigger, or else I might not have an arm right now.

[ he motions towards the dead skewered dragon with said arm, which is fortunately still attached. ]

Kinda hard when there's a huge one on a stick just sitting there, looming ominously and probably smelling really bad—wow, yeah, it smells pretty bad. God, what if that's their mom?

[ he's totally going to fail this. ]
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[personal profile] cachemoney 2016-08-11 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[Pandoran Disneyland is probably, like. A place where you just sit around and comfortably not die. That is the magical fantasy world of a Pandoran's dreams.

Fiona frowns as she watches the wyrmling take off, because thaaaat's a good point. Why are they saving these pointy-toothed demon lizards again? It goes against everything she knows about successfully not dying: if something can eat you alive, you shouldn't give it the chance.]

It could be some kind of fake-out mission, like a -- oh my god, that smells awful. Why are we just standing here. [She grabs Vaughn's wrist to just kind of pull him away from the gigantic rotting dragon corpse, that's disgusting.] You need to be firmer with these things. Give them an inch and they'll... I guess chew your arm off? Anyway, the point is, let's find you a stick. [It's a good weapon, okay.]
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[personal profile] moneyman 2016-08-12 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
[ a stick? again? he immediately remembers blowing off Rhys's stun baton when they first got to Pandora, calling it a stick. but now he's going to have to use a real stick. like, an actual stick. made of wood.

what a fool he was. ]

Riiight, yeah, a stick. Hey, it worked for you, right? It got that thing off me, so...

[ he's just letting himself get dragged away. he knows his place, if nothing else. ]

—Wait, "fake-out mission?" Is that a thing that happens?
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[personal profile] cachemoney 2016-08-14 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
[Sticks are state-of-the-art, don't hate. Fiona glances over her shoulder at him, shrugging.]

Sure? It's a pretty common technique: get the mark to do something that seems totally innocuous, but really will put them at a disadvantage. [She pauses, thinking, then squints and looks forward again.] Not, uh... not saying that we're being conned. Necessarily.
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[personal profile] moneyman 2016-08-16 04:02 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, well, since that's your area of expertise, I'm just gonna trust whatever your judgment is on that stuff.

[ meanwhile, the stick hunt continues. this one's too short, that one's too long... ah, this one's juuust right! he picks up his chosen stick, examines it for bugs and other gross things, and then wields it with cautious optimism once it passes inspection. success! ]

Oookay, stick acquired. Now what? Do we just... I don't know, try to herd them back into the cave or something?
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[personal profile] cachemoney 2016-08-17 10:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[Nice stick choice, very stick-y. She does take a step back, though. She doesn't need to lose an eye.]

I... guess? That seems like the most logical. Thing. [None of this seems logical. They are dragons. Wyrmlings. Whatever. She holds her stick at what she hopes is a confident angle, then marches off.] I feel like I should be saying "tally-ho" or something. Is that a thing people say?
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[personal profile] moneyman 2016-08-18 01:52 am (UTC)(link)
Not... normal people? But hey, this is kind of a whimsical place, with the dragons and stuff, so you could probably get away with saying things like that.

[ he follows close behind (but not because he's scared, he's not scared!!), briefly glancing back over his shoulder at the giant, smelly dead dragon. ]

...Maybe "whimsical" isn't the right word.
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[personal profile] cachemoney 2016-08-18 08:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Whimsical-ish. Semi-whimsical. [She's making air quotes over her shoulder, though they are one-handed because she is carrying a stick.] Wow, if the mission was to come up with a kick-ass marketing plan, we'd be set.

[She stops abruptly, unaware of how close behind he's following her, and stage whispers.] Wait. I think I see some.
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[personal profile] moneyman 2016-08-19 06:58 am (UTC)(link)
Totally. Baby dragons! Passionate locals! World's largest dead lizard, hopefully! Practically writes itself.

[ whoops—he stops just short of bumping into her, holding his stick at the ready (ready for what, exactly? we just don't know). he whips his head around to face whatever direction Fiona's looking, lowering his voice to a somewhat overly-loud whisper as well. ]

Ahh, okay, what do we do? Should we try to sneak up on them or just run in there sticks blazing?
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[personal profile] cachemoney 2016-08-23 03:42 am (UTC)(link)
[Fiona is already crouched and ready, like... like she totally knows what she's doing. She probably doesn't, it's not like she is a very experienced baby dragon hunter (a person who hunts baby dragons, not a baby who hunts dragons), but she is very good at pretending.]

I feel like... the latter will get us eaten. The former might get us eaten, too, but. [Unless. Unless! She glances over her shoulder at him, grinning.] Vaughn, you're a genius.

[She crouches down and starts rummaging around in the ALASTAIR-issued backpack, which she does not keep very well-organized, so it might take awhile for her to find whatever mystery item Vaughn is such a genius about.]